Sunday, October 24, 2004

Everyone outta the gene pool

(Or, the failure of natural selection)

It all started on Friday night, when I was awakened at midnight by the phone ringing. Half asleep, I rolled over and answered the phone. Here is the transcript of said conversation:

Me: "Hello?" (said in a groggy, tired voice)
Caller: "Is Seymour Butts there?"
(I hang up)

The second call, seconds later:

Me: "Hello?" (again said in a groggy, tired voice)
Caller: "Sir, I really need to speak to Seymour Butts! It's urgent!"
(I hang up again)

At this point, I go into the kitchen and dial *69 on the phone base. Here's where the whole 'failure of natural selection' thing comes in. The caller had not blocked their number before calling, so I got their phone number.

Guess what number may be getting hundreds of telemarketing calls in the next few weeks? If you're going to prank call someone, at least have the smarts to block the number. Technology rocks, yes?

Until next time - don't forget to wave!


Blogger Maranie said...

That's just beautiful...Have you done a reverse phone number look-up yet? :-)

9:29 PM  

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