Sunday, October 31, 2004

Three Days After Yesterday

If you haven't yet seen "The Day After Tomorrow", I can give you only one word of advice.


I mean, it's a good movie, if you ignore the inane and contrived plot, the blatant down-your-throat political statements (including a Dick Cheney look-alike), about 300 or so plot holes, and the horrible CGI wolves. I think I've seen Paintshop pictures that were more realistic...

The only redeeming part of the whole movie was when Dennis Quaid pulled up to pick up his son in a Honda Insight. The Insight is a hybrid gasoline-electric car, meaning it has an electric motor that helps propel the car and boosts the fuel economy of the gasoline engine. Burning less fuel is good for the environment, and saves resources for future generations. I purchased a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid six months ago, and it's been a great little car.

40+ miles per gallon...

It's not the most powerful car in the world (not nearly as fast as the 'Vette) but it's fun to drive past gas stations for weeks at a time, watching all the SUVs filling up...

Anyway, the big elections are on get out and vote! Next post, I'll give a little insight into how I'll be voting, and why.

Until next time - don't forget to wave!


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