Saturday, November 06, 2004

Blast from the past

Here's a picture from the past...a shot of my first Corvette, a 1985 Corvette Coupe.

1985 Corvette...

It was white with a red interior, which is the exact same color scheme as the first Corvettes from 1953. It was a great car, and way too much for most kids. However, I was 17, I could afford the payments, and I was actually responsible enough to handle owning such a great sportscar. It was about 230 horsepower, had 330 ft/lbs of neck-snapping torque, and a cool removable glass top (although I prefer the ease of the T-Tops on my current 'Vette).

It was a great car - I miss it sometimes, but my current 'Vette is more fun.

They really are amazing cars - I'd reccomend one for anyone who is a car enthusiast at all, or someone who just loves to have fun while they drive. I know I sound like an ad for Corvette, but I assure you this blog is not an ad for Corvette.

This is, though. It says it better about my '79 than I ever could.

Ad for 1979 Corvette...

Until next time, don't forget to wave!


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