Monday, November 01, 2004

Get out and vote

I'm sure everyone else who has a blog has posted something about this topic (at least, everyone with a blog in the U.S.) but I figured I'd drop my narrow Ohioan view of the election.

First of all, I hate the fact that Ohio was a battleground state. If I have to hear one more political ad from either Bush or Kerry, I think I'll scream. Or smash the television/radio/protestor. I understand wanting to get your point of view across, but there's a limit to the lying and distortion that should occur. Try none - it might work.

As for Issue 1 - it just shows how backwards we still are here in Ohio. For those who don't know, Issue 1 is the marriage amendment on the ballot - it's supposed to put a ban on gay marriage into the Ohio Constitution. However, not only is that wrong (why make it an issue again, it's already against Ohio law...) but the amendment also causes tons of problems for people living together without being married.

Kerry v. Bush. Is this even a choice? I'm not a big fan of John Kerry by any means, but they could have put some nobody up against Bush and I would have voted for him. Now before you all complain that I'm a hardcore Democrat and that's why I won't vote for Bush, hear me out...

Bush has lied throughout his four-year run. He lied about Iraq, he's run a more secretive presidency than any administration in decades, and we've lost so many jobs in Ohio that it's not even funny. I'd vote Republican if they had an honest candidate, but Bush hasn't been honest yet.

Besides, he didn't win in 2000. Why elect him again?

Until next time - don't forget to wave!


Blogger スロ / Bernat said...

Well done! Vote against Bush!

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