Monday, November 29, 2004

That didn't go so well

The job at the video game retailer is over.

It wasn't the fact that people treat retail workers like total garbage, and it wasn't the fact that they put me in the busiest store possible. It had little to do with the total absence of training given, or even the lack of respect that everyone in the store had for their coworkers.

It wasn't even the twelve-hour days that forced me to walk away from that job. It was the fact that we had to eat our lunches during our fifteen-minute breaks in an awkward place.

The bathroom.

You know, even dogs don't crap where they eat. That's just wrong.

Update later when I see what's going on - I may head back to my previous job. Heck, after working retail sales, it's less demoralizing. Taking people's homes who fail to pay is downright honorable compared to the distasteful things my store was doing on a regular basis.

Until next time, don't forget to wave!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That didn't seem to go so well. It's all for the best! Keep on truckin'. Cammie

10:01 AM  

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