Friday, January 21, 2005

In with the old

One of the people I work with told me today that my car "gives off more emissions sitting in the driveway than any Honda does while running". I laughed and dismissed the joke instantly, but after a while, I began to think about it.

Why do we keep older cars, such as Corvettes? Why not just junk all the old cars so that everything is cleaner and more efficient?

Nostalgia. History. That's why.

Just think, if it hadn't been for the 'new' technology in my 1979 Corvette, it wouldn't have been the biggest seller ever in Corvette history, and the next generation of Corvette might never have been built. If they had never built a fourth generation Corvette (my '79 is a third generation, although that's a disputed fact - that's another post sometime), then there never would have been a fifth or sixth generation.

Corvettes have been a part of the American culture since 1953. Almost everyone either has owned a Corvette, taken a ride in one, or at least known someone who owns or has owned one.

Plus, you just can't dispute the fact that older engine technology is art in and of itself...

Art? I think so...

And who could say that art is something that should be destroyed in order to make the world a better place? It's worth a few extra emissions to preserve a small part of American history.


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