Sunday, January 09, 2005

Winter driving

The weather in Ohio has been terrible as of late, with major ice storms destroying power lines, and record snowfalls in other areas of the state. Still, when the weather broke this weekend for the first time in a few months, I managed to take the 'Vette for a cruise.

Actually, it wasn't so much a pleasure cruise - our office moved into a new building over the weekend, and I decided to take the 79 to the new place. The office itself is far more professional-looking than our old office, which was a converted warehouse. Not exactly the best building for a law office - plus it was always cold and drafty or hot and stuffy. It always seemed to be the exact opposite of what everyone wanted.

There was (and still is) much work to be done to get the new office up to speed, but it'll happen soon enough. I enjoyed my winter ride in the 'Vette, but it was actually kind of sad - it just reminded me that I can't really drive it all that much until the spring. So - here's hoping spring comes early this year!

Take care, everyone.


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